At 1st. Monteiro Lobato Working Day

The REGIONEM leader, Silvio D’Onofrio, presented a conference on the “1st. Monteiro Lobato Day”, held from December 17 to 18, at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. The event was sponsored by the University of São Paulo and Johannes Gutemberg Univesity of Mainz, from Germany.

The lecture, entitled “Monteiro Lobato, critic of the fine arts, in correspondence with Yaynha Pereira Gomes”, presented to the public a summary of this unpublished documentary set discovered by Silvio, of the emeritus writer, editor and businessman Monteiro Lobato (1882-1948). In addition, he sought evidence of critical writing, especially in the field of fine arts, as both correspondents were admirers and practitioners of the fine arts, having Yaynha Pereira Gomes professionally exercised the metier.

Check out, at the end of this page, some photos of the event, the image produced for the invitation and also the overview of the documentary set. In addition, the schedule and the official website of the event.




O líder de REGIONEM, Silvio D’Onofrio, apresentou uma conferência na “1a. Jornada Monteiro Lobato”, ocorrida entre os dias 17 e 18 de dezembro, nas dependências da Universidade de São Paulo, no Brasil. O evento foi promovido pela Universidade de São Paulo e a Johannes Gutemberg Univesity of Mainz, da Alemanha.

A palestra, intitulada “Monteiro Lobato, crítico das artes plásticas, na correspondência com Yaynha Pereira Gomes”, apresentou ao público um sumário desse conjunto documental inédito descoberto por Silvio, do emérito escritor, editor e empresário brasileiro Monteiro Lobato (1882-1948). Além disso, buscou evidências da escrita com teor crítico, especialmente no âmbito das artes plásticas, visto que ambos os correspondentes foram admiradores e praticantes das artes plásticas, tendo Yaynha Pereira Gomes exercido profissionalmente o métier.

Confira, no final desta página, algumas fotografias do evento, a imagem produzida para o convite e também a visão geral do conjunto documental. Além disso, a programação e a página oficial do evento.


Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Welcome John Milton and Vanete Santana-Dezmann

Opening | Monteiro Lobato: Kaleidoscopic Citizen-Writer – Vladimir Sacchetta

Conference 1 | “Dead Cities”: One Hundred Years – Luís Camargo

Conference 2 | Monteiro Lobato and the press before Jeca Tatu – Tania Regina de Luca

Conference 3 | Mr. Slang and Brazil Today: Possible Dialogues – Tâmara Abreu

Conference 4 | Monteiro Lobato’s correspondence as an exercise in sociability – Emerson Tin

Conference 5 | The epistolary dialogue between Monteiro Lobato and his children’s readers – Raquel Afonso

Conference 6 | Lobato, fairy tales and English children’s characters – Adriana Silene Vieira

Conference 7 | The shadow of the donkey: the reception of Apuleio by Monteiro Lobato – Adriane da Silva Duarte

Conference 8 | Juca’s abodes: an introduction to Lobato’s iconographic framework – Magno Silveira

Conference 9 | Illustrations in works of or translated by Monteiro Lobato – Nilce Pereira

Conference 10 | Monteiro Lobato, art critic, in correspondence with Yaynha P. Gomes – Silvio Tamaso

Conference 11 | Emilia celebrates 100 years with comic book edition – Ana Carolina Pimentel


Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Conf. 12 | Monteiro Lobato in Chile or “Monteiro Lobato Chilean” ?: Paths and translation proposals – Letícia Goellner

Conference 13 | Emilia, model-citizen: “Monteiru Lobatu” in the Soviet Union – Marina Darmaros

Conference 14 | The Saci Sarará Appropriation and the Lobato Agency in Argentina – Silvia Cobelo

Conference 15 | Child gives work: violence and fantasy in Brazilian and foreign tales – Milena Ribeiro Martins

Conference 16 | Between cult and popular, duplicates of Saci Survey in newspaper and book – Amaya Prado

Conf.17 | Uncles, Princesses, and Sacis: The Representation of Blacks in Monteiro Lobato’s Children’s Books – Cilza Bignotto

Conference 18 | The oil scandal: 20,000 copies and three editions in five months – Kátia Chiaradia

Conference 19 | The Viscount Well: An Undergraduate Classroom Experience – Gildo Magalhães dos Santos

Conference 20 | Dialogues with Modernity and Modernization in America, by Monteiro Lobato – Vanessa Hey

Conference 21 | Monteiro Lobato and President Getúlio Vargas – John Milton

Conference 22 | When a Lion Becomes a Sculptor – Vanete Santana-Dezmann

Closing All speakers

The event will take place in room 261 of the Letters Building of the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo, Brazil (

Official event page and schedule:


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